Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Day 1 - 2014

I started this blog 5 years ago with the intention of losing weight.  Exactly the opposite has happened, however, and I'm now 234.2 pounds.  That's 37.6 pounds gained in 5 years, or 7.52 pounds per year.  But, as I've thought about a New Year's Resolution for 2014, I've realized that my goal isn't weight loss.  My goal is to develop into the person I want to be.  And as I look back at posts from 5 years ago, I realize that I've done quite a bit of developing, even if I've failed in other areas (like a gain of 7.52 pounds per year!!!).

So, in 2014, I'm going to continue my quest for Shrinking Boobs.  But, it's not just about the physical.  It's also the financial, the emotional, the educational and more.  I have spent the past five years in a fog and I want to do better.  I want to BE better.

My goal for January 2014 is pretty simple -Be Prepared.  I suck at this.  I tend to be at my best when I'm in a crunch.  I excel when things are stressful.  But, I hate living a stress-filled life.  So, this first week of January, my goal is to plan for the next day.  Wash my face, lay out my clothes, make my lunch, gather my belongings that I will need the next day.  Week 2 will continue this goal, but add something.

At the end of 2014, I want to be able to see my progress, which is where this blog (and these pictures) will come in.  I'm tired of merely existing.  It's time to be who I want to be.  Ready?  Set. GO!!!

Monday, August 5, 2013


So, I'm learning that the key to my surviving a healthier eating plan is preparation.  If you life in a house with teenagers, you know that your plans are constantly changing.  I might plan a big meal that everyone loves, only to find that by dinnertime everyone has already eaten, needs to eat later or is grabbing dinner with a friend.  Or, I'll have great plans for breakfast when I go to bed, but find our that my kid has headlice the next morning, so there's no there's no time to make it.  Preparation.

Sunday this week, I prepared well.  I cut up and washed all the veggies in the fridge and stored them back in there in Rubbermaid containers.  I made a big pot of minestrone soup for lunches this week, to go along with my sandwich.  I prepared the chicken and veggies for chicken fajitas to cover breakfasts for the week, and everything is in an individual baggie for easy making.  If I'm in a rush, I can just grab a baggie, a tortilla and take it to work with me to warm up. Preparation.

So, in preparation for this week, here's my meal and exercise plan:

Chicken Fajita (268)
Grilled Cheese with minestrone soup (129 cal)
Grilled Salmon Salad
1-hour workout with the Physical Therapist
Chicken Fajita (268)
Sandwich with minestrone soup
Grilled Shrimp with brown rice & salad
1-hour bodyflow class (5:30)
Chicken Fajita (268)
Sandwich with minestrone soup
1-hour workout with Physical Therapist
Chicken Fajita (268)
Sandwich with minestrone soup
Turkey Ragu (421)
1-hour bodyflow class (5:30)
Chicken Fajita
Lunch out @ Louie’s
Homemade Hamburger, fries & fruit
30-minute elliptical
Oatmeal & Fruit
Grilled Pork Loin with red potatoes & veggies
Pasta with meatsauce
30-minute elliptical
Homemade breakfast with kids
Minestrone soup
Homemade tacos
Bodyfit Class

Prepare.  Now to get my house prepared.  HA!!!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Seems Like I'm Always Starting Over... we go again.  It seems like since my hysterectomy all I have done is gain weight.  I'm now topping 230, and MISERABLE.  A friend from high school posted on Facebook about a "fit" group, and I have joined them for an August challenge.  I figure this is just the push I need to get started again. 

So, we officially start on Thursday, the 1st of the month.  So, I'm doing a bit of planning.  I got my meal plan for the week, my exercise plan for the week, and I'm working on some snack ideas.  Sadly, I injured my ankle about 11 weeks ago.  Tore the ligament, tears in the peroneal tendons & chipped the bone.  Probably pending surgery, but attempting physical therapy for the next 6 weeks. 

Fact is...I'm tired of being fat.  I HATE that I have to search and search to find clothes that fit right, though they never do.  These damned boobs just keep getting bigger, which strains my neck and back.  I'm grumpy and tired and probably a lot depressed.  Somehow I have to get out of the funk, though.  So, there I am. 

Meal Plan:

Monday: Dinner out for Son's birthday, I've checked out the menu and will have the smoked salmon with grilled veggies & salad

Tuesday: Grilled pork loin chops with red potatoes & squash

Wednesday: Grilled Tilapia with brown rice & broccoli

Thursday: Grilled sandwiches with minestrone soup

Friday: Something out, as I have to drive my kids out of town. 

Saturday & Sunday, I'm on my own so I'm kinda winging it.

Exercise -

Monday: hour with the physical therapist

Tuesday: Pilates/yoga/Tai Chi class right after work

Wednesday: hour with the physical therapist

Thursday: Pilates/yoga/Tai Chi class right after work

Friday: Probably not much since I'll be in the car for 3-4 hours

Saturday: I might try the workout equipment at the gym

Sunday: Pilates/yoga/Tai Chi class in the afternoon

I have so many goals for weight be able to fit in clothing better, to not be so tired all the time, to feel better about myself, to be more active and FINALLY...when I get back on the soccer field to be able to keep up and RUN.  So, I have a LOT of weight to lose...around 100 pounds, but that seems like too much, so I'm going with my first get below 200 pounds. It will take some time, but I'm determined. 

Here we go!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Here we go again

I'm embarrased to say that it has been 3 1/2 years since my first post, and I've GAINED weight. Part of that is medical, part of it is depression, but a large part of it is laziness. You can see that in all aspects of my, home life, work life, physical, etc.

It's time to take charge of my life and stop making excuses. A few weeks ago, I weighed 236 pounds. This morning, I weighed in at 231. That's a start, but we have LONG way to go, ladies and gents. My goal for the end of the year is to get to 199 pounds. Since we have 17 weeks until the end of the year, that means I need to lose 1.88 pounds per week. Totally doable.

So, how am I going to do it? For starters, I've started cooking. OMG...huge, horrible, scary thought!!! Alright, I'm not a BAD cook, but I was just never taught HOW to cook, so I'm struggling through and learning on my own. Poor kids of mine. *snicker* The biggest problem is that we have things going on EVERY night of the week for me, Daughter, Son or all three of us. So, I have to be proactive and PLAN PLAN PLAN.

This week's menu:
  • Sunday (just me, Son and his friend) - Grilled Chicken with red potatoes and steamed broccoli
  • Monday (driving 4 hours round trip to pick up Daughter from her dad's house) -
  • Tuesday (Son's football game) - crockpot chicken with stuffing and veggies
  • Wednesday (Church for the kids) - Tortellini with Alfredo sauce and green beans
  • Thursday (Daughter's soccer practice) - Homemade Pizza
  • Friday (kid's dad is in town to join us) - Grilled steaks, twice baked potatoes, corn and peas
I know that all of that doesn't sound 100% healthy, but I don't want to cut out everything I love. I want to instead look at portion sizes and be mindful of what I eat.

Exercise - Well, I'm playing soccer again. After 8 months out for an injury (when I gained 20 pounds), I'm playing on two different teams. that means that every other Saturday I play one game, and the opposite Saturdays I play three games. We also got a puppy! So, I walk him every day...slow going at first, as he gets tired, but we'll both get in better shape and be able to go further! Or maybe just 2-3 short walks a day, I don't know. In addition, I found a GREAT stair stepper at a garage sale for $25, and my grandmother is giving me her gazelle!!! I'm soooo looking forward to the gazelle!

Long story short? I'm ready to do better. That means getting control of my finances, the mess my house has become and the mess my job has become (hopefully there will be a post on that situation later this week).

The depression, I don't know what we're going to do about that. In a lot of ways I feel lost. Like nothing ever REALLY goes right for me and my life. It seems as if most people truly aren't trustworthy, they aren't truly loyal, they aren't truly who they say they are. Or maybe it's just me, and I expect too much? I suppose that's something we'll be exploring in the weeks/months/year to come. I'm ready for it...are you?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

You've GOT to be kidding me...

So, I've had a gym membership for awhile, but I haven't used it. Now, I'd like to say that I've been working 80 hours a week, coaching 6 soccer teams, feeding the homeless, fundraising for the disabled, and volunteering with the fire department...well, I can't. I've been a lazy ass. Don't get me wrong, work keeps me busy, my kids keep me busier, but I still find time to be lazy. That lazy time SHOULD have been at the gym.

So, last night to the gym I go. I had an appointment for an "Initial Fitness Assessment". I guess they need to assess how much of a fat ass I am. So, I'm in a mood last night. Those of you who know my moods KNOW this was not a recipe for something good happening.

I go in, I get my papers from the really sweet and seemingly capable girl behind the counter. I sit down to fill out my paperwork. Then sit. And sit. In their defense, I WAS early. I'm always early. So, this really hot employee comes by asking if they'd called a trainer for me yet. Well, how do I know if they've done their In their defense, they're all REALLY nice. But I'm irritable this week. So, the male trainer comes out, and he's kinda cute, but in a very young kinda way...great.

So, the trainer takes me through all the crap...weigh me, measure me, blood pressure, push-ups, stair stepper thing for 78 hours (exaggerating a bit), crunches. Oh, and he measures all my body parts...GREAT. What did I learn about this kid? He's freaking EIGHTEEN YEARS OLD!!!! Eighteen! 18. EIGHT TEEN.

Seriously...who lets these kids out of the house? The kicker? Afterwards he tells me, "You worked really hard, I'm proud of you." Dude...go play with your transformers!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Yes, I know, it's been 3 weeks since my last weigh-in. I missed WI two weeks ago for work and last week because of the ice storm. Today??? I've lost another4.2 pounds, for a total weight loss of 7.8 pounds in 4 weeks. I'm PSYCHED!!!

Saturday, January 31, 2009


Yup, that means I'm smaller. I had to go buy new clothes today because my other clothes were falling off me, and they seem to frown on that at work. IMAGINE!!!

So, I'm now in a size.....FOURTEEN!!!!! It's so exciting for me to have something to assess the weight loss. It seems the boobs haven't shrunk, but the butt, hips and gut must have because my pants are SMALLER.

God...can you imagine if I don't lose any boob, but drop down to 130 as planned. Can you IMAGINE being a size 6, except for having 40DDD boobs?!?!?! LMAO at the image.

So, I have new pants, and a few new shirts. And actually, the shirts I did buy are Larges, rather than XLs, so maybe I AM losing some boob. Or maybe the clothing manufacturers are trying to make me feel better by making clothes larger? Who the hell knows.

I missed weigh-in this week because they cancelled our meeting due to the ice. SO...I should have a good weigh-in this coming week. I did weigh at home, but I'm not going to share that number, as it's not "official". I know...such a tease, aren't I???